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RewardDays matches you with exclusive partners to help you kick your bad habits. Some are specifically tailored to certain habits, such as drinking, smoking and fast food. Others are related to general demographics. You can see a selection of our partners below:

Non Alcoholic Beers

Nirvana Brewery Logo

Nirvana is an independent, family-run brewery based in Leyton, East London. Famous for having the first ever physical brewery dedicated to producing great-tasting alcohol-free beers.

They are constantly pushing the limits of what’s possible and what tastes good by reinventing the classics and turning out more adventurous styles for the discerning alcohol-free drinker.

Drop Bear Beer Logo

The multi award winning brewer, Drop Bear Beer Co. exploded onto the UK beer scene in 2019 with the mission of bringing true craft to the alcohol free beer market. 

Seven awards, four craft beers, and quadruple percentage growth later Drop Bear is the UK’s top rated alcohol free brewer and has expanded into Canada, Spain, and Germany.


UNLTD. beer was created when founder Jonny Johnson felt uninspired by the other non-alcoholic beers in the market, so he created UNLTD. beer with the aim of focussing on taste.

An alcohol-free, low-calorie craft beer with all the flavour of full-strength beer.


Camellios Tea Logo

With their eco-friendly premium tea, Camellios Tea is bringing a new focus to the tea industry. Their various collections, from traditional blends to refreshing teas are sourced internationally and then hand blended in the UK. 

All teas are held in biodegradable bags and packed into compostable packaging, ensuring that the cost of strong flavor and rich aromas isn’t in our environment. With every purchase of Camellios Tea, the company gives back 5% to the nonprofit causes internationally. 

Two Spoons Tea Logo

Two Spoons Tea grew out of a desire to showcase great tea alongside the passion and stories it holds. After spending time travelling the world as trainee tea testers, Giles Oakley and Mark Lawson decided that they wanted to share what they had learned with the world. 

Boasting a variety of loose leaf teas and tea pillows, Two Spoons Tea brings customers high-quality, internationally sourced blends, each with a unique name and story.

Ti-sticks of London

T-Sticks doesn’t sell your typical tea bags. Instead, they are revolutionizing modern day tea brewing with a “life-friendly” approach: tea sticks. T-sticks act as both a tea bag and a stirrer, able to more evenly distribute tea throughout the mug. 

Each of their 10 flavours of black, green, fruit, and herbal teas is flavour-rich and aroma-filled and delivers customers high-quality tea in a more convenient approach. 

Non Alcoholic Spirits

Anon Alcohol Free Spirit Logo

ANON Spirits combines natural botanicals and flavouring to create delicious non-alcoholic libations including Bittersweet Aperitifs for mixing and rum-like Spiced Cane. 

Their drinks have placed in the 2021 International Wine and Spirit Competition and the ‘New Drink Product of the Year’ for the 2021 Food Matters Live Awards. 

Crossip Non Alcoholic Spirit Logo

Awarded the 2021 Best Overall Non-Alcoholic Spirit by The Independent, Crossip has rapidly gained great attention for their unique non-alcoholic spirits. Their full range includes options from single 50cl bottles to full bundle packs with added mixers.

Crossip began with founder Carl Anthony Brown, a former cyclist and rugby player’s, vision to make “not drinking” more than just a one-off, rather a way of life through balanced, flavourful non-alcoholic drinks.

Xachoh Logo

Xachoh, or the “enlightened spirit of Persia,” uses ancient Persian herbal remedies to create naturally alcohol-free spirits infused with premium, exotic herbs and spices. Free from alcohol, sugar, sweeteners, calories and extracts,

Xachoh hopes to provide individuals with alcohol-free spirits that are more than “just a non-alcoholic spirit.” Rather, their drinks are purposeful botanicals, aimed at benefiting the body and providing an alternative in social settings.


Genie Drinks Logo

Fruity fermented sodas and organic live sodas that you can enjoy worry-free. Born out of a desire to make healthy everyday drinks that give individuals a tasty alternative from alcoholic drinks, founders Alex and Bill quit their day jobs to try something new. Their vision grew into Genie Drinks which now offers a variety of  all-natural, kombuchas and lemonades with no added sugars and packed with different probiotics and vitamins.

Hip Pop Logo

Hip Pop began as owner Emma’s attempt to remedy her husband’s IBS through Kombucha. From their tiny garage microbrewery to their current proper brewery on a farm in Cheshire, Hip Pop has remained committed to traditionally brewed Kombucha full of nutritious organic ingredients.

Hip Pop was awarded the 2019 Great Taste Award in just their first year of opening and has since grown, now offering a variety of Kombucha flavours in both single and mixed flavour cases.

Momo Kombucha Logo

Momo Kombucha is brewed the old-fashioned way: small batches in glass bottles. Following a trip to the US, owners Josh and Lisa wanted to continue feeding their newfound Kombucha cravings. They felt, however, that the modern day style of brewing didn’t provide the same level of flavor and have stuck with their old-fashioned brewing from day one.

Momo includes four different flavors of Kombucha which can be purchased either individually or on a subscription plan. Each bottle is raw, unfiltered, and full of all-natural flavor. 

Jeffrey's Logo

Jeffery’s offers individuals a different approach to soft drinks and mixers. Their botanicals have been featured in the Great Taste Awards and the Sip Awards, as well as in international events such as the 2021 Gulfood in Dubai. Jeffery’s drinks consist of a variety of natural elements from Rosehips to Elderflower to Cassia and can be used to create countless unique non-alcoholic cocktails.

Gusto Drinks Logo

Gusto Drinks history begins in the summer of 1987, with a hippy entrepreneur’s desire to provide non-alcoholic drinks for party goers. Though first only kept among family friends, Gusto Drinks can now be found on the shelves of retailers like Sainsbury’s. 

Be it natural energy drinks or colas with a twist, Gusto Drinks offers a variety of organic soft drinks for all.

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