Becoming Vegetarian

In many of our supermarkets, rows of hams and salamis are neighboured by meat-free alternatives, salmon and steak competing against tofu and tempeh for shelf-space. The plant-based revolution is taking the food industry by storm, shifting our focus towards the impact of our diets on the environment and our health.

According to statistics from Finder, 14% of UK adults (roughly 7.2 million people) are following a meat-free diet. As the veggie revolution grows, it is expected that 8.8 more Brits will go meat-free in 2022, resulting in roughly 16 million vegetarians by the start of 2023. But what exactly does it mean to go vegetarian and should you consider it?

Why go vegetarian?

Discover why you should become a vegetarian.

What are the benefits of becoming a vegetarian. Frequently asked questions and myth busting is what you'll find in this section.

Best Documentaries for Vegetarianism

What are the best documentaries about vegetarianism?

Is there an easier way to get started than by watching to something that explains the benefits, check out some of the best stories to learn about becoming a vegetarian.

Best Podcasts for Vegetarianism

Learn from the experts.

Podcasting has opened up, there are enough to learn about vegetarianism whilst on-the-go. This is some of the best selection available.

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