Best Podcasts on Veganism

Now that I’ve decided to make the switch… where do I even begin? Deciding to undertake a vegan diet can seem overwhelming and limiting; yet, in reality, going vegan opens up countless new doors for you. We’ve compiled a list of our favourite podcasts, books, and documentaries for learning more about going vegan and inspiring you to try new dishes and encourage others. The vegan community is vast and welcoming, with each of these creators looking to show you what they know and motivate you to keep going!

Best Podcasts on Veganism

The Chickpeeps 🔗

A fun and friendly take on veganism, The Chickpeeps is the perfect podcast for anyone new to being vegan. The podcast is hosted by Evanna Lynch, a Veganuary ambassador. Evanna explores and discusses the dilemmas faced by vegans by bringing in different activists and perspectives, all in the hopes of finding a way for animals and humans to coexist.

Brown Vegan 🔗

Brown Vegan is an all-rounder with advice on transitioning, cooking tips and recipes, and discussions of diet and lifestyle. Host Monique Koch wants to debunk the ideas that vegan life is complicated, expensive, or bland, hoping to show you how to live vegan long-term.

The Disclosure Podcast 🔗

The host of The Disclosure Podcast, Earthling Ed, is one of the most well known activists and educators in the vegan community. His podcast is an open discussion on everything from news and current events surrounding the movement to ideas of ethics and morality and the state of modern animal agriculture.

The Minimalist Vegan 🔗

The Minimalist Vegan focuses on a specific area of veganism – the minimalist approach. Hosts Michael and Maša Ofe discuss sustainability and zero-waste living and how to pair that with a vegan, plant-based lifestyle. The podcast takes the next step by touching on lifestyle habits as a whole, targeting consumerism, productivity, and personal identity.

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