Best Documentaries on Veganism

Now that I’ve decided to make the switch… where do I even begin? Deciding to undertake a vegan diet can seem overwhelming and limiting; yet, in reality, going vegan opens up countless new doors for you. We’ve compiled a list of our favourite podcasts, books, and documentaries for learning more about going vegan and inspiring you to try new dishes and encourage others. The vegan community is vast and welcoming, with each of these creators looking to show you what they know and motivate you to keep going!

Best Documentaries on Veganism

Cowspiracy and Seaspiracy 🔗

These two documentaries focus on exposing the state of our animal agriculture systems.

Cowspiracy came first, becoming the biggest documentary of 2021, and has been hailed by many former meat eaters as their turning point towards a plant-based diet. The documentary links animal agriculture with the environmental issues we are facing today from climate change to water shortages to food insecurity. 

Seaspiracy focuses specifically on the destruction of our oceans, all as a result of seafood and meat consumption. The documentary highlights the unsustainability of hunting practices, the death of sea life and the impact of illegal fishing. Both documentaries are extremely powerful and insightful for anyone who wants to learn more about the necessity of plant-based lifestyles.

What the Health 🔗

What the Health is a vegan documentary from the creators of Cowspiracy. This film will leave you with a new take on our official health organisations and the role they play in promoting unhealthy diets. At the heart of this disconnect lies the heavy influence of the pharmaceutical industry.

Vegucated 🔗

In this vegan documentary, three meat and dairy eaters undertake the challenge of going vegan for six weeks. Vegucated follows their journey, from initial desires to lose weight and improve their health to learning of what animal agriculture is doing to the earth.

Rotten 🔗

Rotten is a two season Netflix doco-series drawing attention to the hidden side of our food consumption. The producers follow the food supply chain back to the start and expose the hidden forces shaping our everyday meals. Based on their findings, the documentary highlights the importance of plant-based living.

Blackfish 🔗

Blackfish focuses on the lifestyle aspect of vegan living, as opposed to only the food side. The documentary is different to other traditional vegan films in its depiction of animals in captivity, focusing specifically on Tilikum, a killer whale in SeaWorld. This documentary includes footage of animal mistreatment, shedding light on the injustices faced by animals in such programs.

The End Of Meat 🔗

In this documentary, a variety of professionals, from philosophers to scientists to artists to activists, bring their perspectives to the table. The End of Meat discusses the role of animals and animal agriculture within our societies and cultures, while illustrating what a post-meat world could look like for humans and the environment.

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