Becoming Vegan

It seems that plant-based and vegan alternatives are popping up everywhere, from the Impossible burgers to dairy-free ice cream and even vegan leather. Although once considered a niche diet, veganism has taken a turn with the number of people following a vegan diet having increased by 350% in the last decade

So have you wanted to start becoming a vegan? If you’re aware that your choices are affecting the planet, animal welfare, and your own health you may well have wanted to switch. But, it can be difficult to know where to start, how to get it right, or what not to do wrong. We’ve put together some questions about becoming vegan below that avoids the gatekeepers and breaks it down for everyone.

Why go vegan?

woman with her hand over glass of alcohol saying no
Discover why you should become a vegan.

There are myriad health, ethical and dietary reasons to become vegan. This section puts together some of the definitions, the differences, and the FAQs about veganism.

Best Documentaries for Veganism

What are the best documentaries about veganism?

Many people have got their start in veganism because of shocking educational documentaries, we've outlined some of them below if you want to get started.

Best Podcasts for Veganism

Learn from the experts.

There are enough podcasts now to learn about veganism on the go. Why limit yourself to just reading about it when you can listen too.

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