Who can help me quit smoking?

Given how social of an activity smoking is, ensuring that you have created a concrete support system is vital to a successful path to abstinence. Studies have found that when it comes to quitting smoking, it takes roughly two to four weeks to make it past the symptoms of withdrawal. During that period, the most important thing you can do is surround yourself with individuals and a community that will encourage and motivate you through the challenges.

We have listed below some of the leading charities doing exactly that. Each of these organisations is committed to supporting you and enabling you to overcome your addiction to smoking.

Best Charities to Help Quit Smoking


QUIT is a UK charity working to save lives by preventing the development of cancer, heart disease and other illnesses from use of tobacco. They help smokers stop and work to ensure young people never start. Its services include helplines and community programmes in 8 different languages, available to anyone and everyone. Through their support, you can create your own plan to QUIT and will receive support throughout.

Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) 🔗

Established by the Royal College of Physicians in January 1971, ASH is a public charity dedicated to eliminating the harm caused by tobacco. ASH follows a dual approach: (1) information and networking to developing awareness about the tobacco epidemic and (2) advocacy and campaigning to press for policy measures and reduce the burden of addiction. If you are looking to quit smoking, ASH has a variety of resources and support outlets to check out.

British Lung Foundation 🔗

The British Lung Foundation recognizes that quitting smoking is a challenging feat, one that often seems unattainable. Whilst offering support for all lung diseases, not just those that are tobacco-based, the organisation has support systems for addicts and anyone looking to make a change for their health.

NHS Smoke Free 🔗

The UK National Health Services (NHS) offers support for those trying to quit smoking. Their site offers detailed information regarding the impacts of smoking on one’s body, as well as ways to quit. The Smoke Free site includes support options such as their app, where to find a local support service, and how to create a personal plan.

Kick-It 🔗

Kick-It is dedicated to providing a free, evidence-based service for smokers 13 years and over who would like support in quitting smoking. The service is, however, limited to residents of two London boroughs: London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham and Royal Borough of Kingston-upon-Thames. This service will give you six weeks of 1-1 support from a specialist stop smoking advisor, all of which is tailored to support each individual.

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