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The presence of smoking in our media is undeniable – so let’s change the narrative. We’ve curated a list of our top suggestions for podcasts, books, and documentaries. These creators, authors, and directors mix valuable information with crucial insight and experience to provide you with the best tools and resources for overcoming smoking. There is something for everyone as each of these is based on the creator’s unique experiences and approaches.

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Quit Smoking Podcast: Quitting Smoking Isn’t Hard, Deciding To Is 🔗

Hosted by Joe Bianco, a longtime addict to nearly all substances available, Quit Smoking Podcast highlights the secret that eluded him and many others wanting to change. After 26 years of addiction to cigarettes and smoking, he found a way out. In the Quit Smoking Podcast, Bianco emphasises that the quitting itself isn’t the hard part, it is deciding to quit – and he wants to help you achieve that.

Quit Smoking with Ravi Singh 🔗

In his podcast, Ravi Singh focuses on common sense, research and scientific data. He believes that quitting your addiction is not only possible, but within your reach, if you have the information you need. In his episodes, you’ll learn everything from what causes an addiction to the impact of quitting on your weight to the influence of social relationships.

Quit Smoking With Me 🔗

Quit Smoking With Me is an interactive 30-day podcast, aiming to be your “buddy” and support you as you undertake the journey to quitting. This podcast begins by educating you in deep detail about the impacts of quitting on your mental and physical health. Every day, you’ll have a podcast to listen to as you complete another day cigarette/nicotine free.

Habits 2 Goals 🔗

In Habits 2 Goals, author Martin Grunburg brings life to his #1 bestseller, The Habit Factor. The book provides readers with step-by-step processes for developing “real-life, game-changing productivity, focus and momentum” from previously bad habits. In his podcast, Grunberg dives deeper into many of the concepts voiced in his book, highlighting important mindsets, strategies, and tactics for ensuring that habits stick. New episodes are released on Mondays and every week focuses on a different aspect of habit-making and breaking.

The Habit Coach with Ashdin Doctor 🔗

The Habit Coach is the podcast for anyone struggling to stay on top of their tasks, finding themselves starting to make changes but not following through, or simply just looking to improve their life. In his podcast, Ashdin Doctor, “the habit coach,” takes listeners through the process of creating habits. By starting simple, with small changes, The Habit Coach argues that everyone can break their bad habits and make stronger, long-lasting ones. With a mix of episode lengths, from 7 to 45 minutes, and varying lengths in-between, the podcast can be easily incorporated into your day-to-day life.

Cravings and Addiction: Free Yourself from the Struggle of Addictive Behaviour with Acceptance & Commitment Therapy 🔗

Cravings and Addiction looks at the power of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), an approach to overcoming addiction that emphasises starting with your cravings. Only then will you be able to accept, choose, and take action to move past the source of your addiction. Readers will learn about how to identify the sources of your cravings and the cues that lead to addictive behaviours, allowing you to regain control.

Better Than Before 🔗

Better Than Before by Gretchen Rubin is focused on providing readers with the answers to the most asked questions nowadays: questions about change. Rubin uses current research to provide readers with effective tools for breaking their bad habits and developing good ones, ultimately figuring out one’s unique habit tendencies and how to use them to boost success. Upon finishing Better Than Before, you’ll have a list of doable approaches and concepts that you can incorporate into your daily life, helping you achieve the change you desire.

Unbroken Brain 🔗

In this New York Times bestseller, author Maia Szalavitz takes on addiction through a different perspective. She challenges traditional perceptions of addiction by looking at it as a disorder, developed as a response to stressful situations, as opposed to a brain disease. She establishes that there is no one solution for all and uses science-based information to analyse different strategies for addressing addiction. 

The Habit Blueprint 🔗

Patrik Edblad’s book, The Habit Blueprint, is perfect for anyone who feels they need a detailed and specific guide on how to make better habits. As a certified mental trainer, Edblad has created a clear and concise book that provides readers the ideal “how-to” guide. By starting with a specific keystone habit and working hard on that, The Habit Blueprint argues, you will slowly be able to form more, positive habits. This book, by first analysing behaviour change and how we can use it, will give you a clear idea of the starting point for your goals, as well as some extra steps to ensure you stay on track.

Rewire 🔗

The cover of Rewire immediately sets the stage for the book’s focus. Underneath the title, it says (1) break bad habits, (2) overcome addictions, and (3) conquer self-destructive behaviour. Within his book, Richard O’Connor (PhD.) focuses on the brain, specifically on why people choose to build negative habits and how the brain plays a role in both maintaining these habits or breaking them. Rewire educates readers on the brain itself, and the ins and outs of habit making, all targeted at teaching you how to rewire yourself into building stronger habits.

CDC Tips from Former Smokers 🔗

This series from the US Centre for Disease Control highlights the experiences of former smokers, depicting their struggles and the effects of their addiction on life now. From clips of someone using a electrolarynx as a result of throat cancer to an individual needing a breathing tube to survive, the short videos are raw and eye-opening.

Celebrate Quitters Series 🔗

In this series from Nicorette & NicoDerm CQ, brands of nicotine replacement products and nicotine patches, viewers learn about the diverse transformations of different smokers. Each video is different but relays the same message: recovery is possible and attainable.

Quitting Smoking is a Journey 🔗

In Quitting Smoking is a Journey, Dr. Mike Evans from the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health discusses how difficult quitting smoking can be, especially when emotion is involved. Dr. Evans looks at the different parts of recovery and how the journey is never linear. He also discusses some of the reasons people use to convince themselves to continue smoking and debunks them – encouraging everyone to continue moving forward and to trust the process. 

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