Best Resources for Quitting Fast Food

woman listening to podcast

Making sure that the information you are surrounding yourself with is beneficial to your goals is crucial to achieving them. As studies shed light on the negative influences of social media on disordered eating, misinformation on portions and restriction, and the promotion of unhealthy diet habits, it is increasingly important to ensure your media is encouraging, informative, and reliable. To help you get started, we’ve listed below our top podcasts, books, and documentaries which target healthy eating. From nutritious cookbooks to dietician-hosted podcasts to science-based documentaries, there is something for everyone!

Dishing Up Nutrition πŸ”—

This podcast is hosted by a variety of licensed nutrition professionals and dieticians, bringing together a variety of informative and reliable resources for anyone looking to make a change to their nutrition. With over 575 episodes, Dishing Up Nutrition has information on everything from improving your energy levels, digestion, weight loss, metabolism, and shifting towards a balanced lifestyle.

Sound Bites: A Nutrition Podcast πŸ”—

Brought to you by Melissa Joy Dobbins, a registered dietitian, Sound Bites discusses topics from different diets to allergies to incorporating new foods. Dobbins brings on a variety of guests, including researchers, dieticians and other experts, each sharing their own perspectives on anything nutrition related. She believes that food should be something we enjoy, not something that scares us or makes us feel bad – something she enables you to do with her easy-to-digest nutrition information.

Food Heaven πŸ”—

Food Heaven Podcast, from dieticians Wendy Lopez and Jessica Jones, gives you a seat at the table for deep discussions revolving around intuitive eating, accepting your body, how to manage a healthy lifestyle, and introducing veganism. Food Heaven includes topics related to food and culture and will educate you on everything nutrition focused.

The Keri Report πŸ”—

In The Keri Report, listeners are introduced to the many controversial topics within the world of nutrition, including the differences between different diets, choosing to go plant-based, societal expectations of what is healthy, and different components within our food such as MSG and GMOs. Through host, and registered dietitian nutritionist, Keri Gans, you’ll learn about what it means to take a no-nonsense approach to your nutrition and lifestyle.

Food Psych Podcast with Christy Harrison πŸ”—

For host Christy Harrison, food and nutrition hasn’t always been an easy topic. As someone who struggled personally with disordered eating, Harrison hopes to encourage her listeners to restructure their perceptions of food through Food Psych Podcast. In her episodes, she covers food, body image, nutrition, and exercise, providing a powerful resource on balance.

Nutrition Facts with Dr. Greger πŸ”—

Nutrition Facts is evidence-based and fact-centred. Dr. Greger outlines the different factors of a healthy lifestyle, specifically focusing on whole food, plant-based diets. He emphasises the importance of switching to such a diet in treating many of the leading causes of death: heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. His episodes are all backed up by scientific studies, making the information clear and easy to digest.

Bright Line Eating πŸ”—

Authored by Dr. Susan Peirce Thompson, Bright Line Eating aims to change the way you think about food and shift the way you live. The book is based on the Bright Line Eating Boot Camp, an intensive 8-week program promoting mindfulness and restructuring how you make choices surrounding food. Readers will learn about cravings and how to work through them, how our brains can work against weight loss, why diet plans tend to fail, and how to create a plan that works for you.

Food Junkies: The Truth About Food Addiction πŸ”—

In Food Junkies, readers learn firsthand what food addiction entails, why we develop a dependence on food, and how to overcome such habits. Dr. Vera Tarman discusses medical research surrounding food addiction and emphasises the possibilities overcoming your addiction will open up. The book includes the story of Lawrence, a food addict with a tragic story, whose experiences provide an eye-opening read for anyone hoping to learn more.

The Craving Cure πŸ”—

The Craving Cure is authored by Julia Ross, an advocate for using nutrient therapies to target food cravings and problems related to mood, sleep, and addiction. Her book presents readers with a five-part questionnaire to help identify your craving type and then teaches you how to work through it to regulate your cravings and eating habits. Ross believes that a lot of the food we are presented with nowadays is engineered to be addictive but that we can overcome our habits and create a more sustainable and healthy approach.

The Well Plated Cookbook πŸ”—

This cookbook is the perfect collection for those of us with busy schedules. The Well Plated Cookbook offers a variety of quick and healthy recipes, comprised of easy-to-find, inexpensive products. Author Erin Clarke is known for her healthy eating blog and while she herself isn’t a nutrition expert, she has been creating nutritious twists on family classics since 2012. A firm believer that diets don’t work, Clarke offers creative and unique recipes anyone can enjoy!

Not A Diet Book πŸ”—

Voted the Best Nutrition and Fitness Book by Healthline, Not a Diet Book offers a blunt approach to fitness and nutrition. James Smith, author of the book, is a personal trainer focused on providing readers with straightforward advice. He keeps it simple so that anyone can adopt healthier habits, improve their fitness, and in doing so, create an improved and healthy lifestyle. Not a Diet Book includes information on metabolism, fat loss, fitness, and muscle growth, receiving rave reviews all across the board.

Super Size Me πŸ”—

For a month, documentarian Morgan Spurlock ate only McDonalds. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert was McDonalds. He wanted to see just how much one’s health could change on such a diet and his social experiment revealed the impact of fast-food on his weight and his ailments. This documentary provides a unique perspective on the role of corporate giants in our lives and health, especially amidst the obesity epidemic.

Sugar Coated πŸ”—

Sugar Coated focuses specifically on the sugar industry, looking at the increased amounts of sugar we consume on a daily basis. Focused on the American sugar industry, the documentary calls on the industry to take responsibility for the growing health issues and even compares them to Big Tobacco.

Food, Inc. πŸ”—

The food we consume today is different to the food humans consumed 50 years ago, 100 and so on. More than ever before, humans are not in control of their consumption habits because of the heavy influence of the food and agricultural industries. This documentary looks into the way common foods are created and reveals what’s hidden behind the scenes.

Hungry for Change πŸ”—

In Hungry for Change, viewers are presented with a different take on modern-day weight loss myths and diet culture. The documentary looks at the little-known facts about the foods we consume on a daily basis and suggests how we can change our habits, pushing us towards the healthier section of the store.

Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead πŸ”—

Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead is the journey of Joe Cross, an overweight man with a chronic autoimmune disease, towards achieving wellness and shifting his approach to food. In the documentary, Cross decides that he wants to find a way to overcome his situation and trades his junk food for a juicer. For 60 days, he consumes only vegetable and fruit juice, and the results are overwhelming.