Quitting Fast Food

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Make sure to eat your vegetables. Don’t have too many sweets. Every single one of us has heard these phrases, whether it be our mother encouraging us to finish the broccoli on our plate at dinner or adverts on TV explaining how dangerous too much sugar can be.

Making sure that the information you are surrounding yourself with is beneficial to your goals is crucial to achieving them. As studies shed light on the negative influences of social media on disordered eating, misinformation on portions and restriction, and the promotion of unhealthy diet habits, it is increasingly important to ensure your media is encouraging, informative, and reliable.

Why should I give up fast food?

woman with her hand over glass of alcohol saying no
Discover why you should quit ordering in.

Eating healthily doesn't need to be a chore, but if you need a kickstarter in your motivation, you can start here. It covers some of the FAQs about Fast Food.

Who can help me quit fast food?

Which communities can help you quit?

You don't need to do be on this journey alone. There are a ton of non-profits and organisations that make sure you're dieting responsibly and healthily.

Podcasts, Books, Documentaries

Learn more about the world of healthy eating.

There are enough resources written about food, dieting and healthy eating to fill a thousand libraries, so we've tried to find some of the best for you here.

What is RewardDays?

RewardDays is a habit tracker with a difference. We provide exclusive deals for people who complete consecutive days without their bad habits. Users can track their days off and we provide a road map of milestone rewards such as discount codes, vouchers, and more from recommended partners.

Co-founder Alex Cassidy gave up drinking and smoking in 2019. Realising that alcohol overlapped with so many parts of his life, he set up a reward system for himself to help him keep his progress. After 30 days he’d get a crate of non-alcohol beer, 60 days he’d get a new pair of trainers, six months a new video game. He set the app and website up as a way to help people change their relationship with bad habits, you can read more over at the blog.