5 Reddit Communities for Quitting Bad Habits

A screenshot of Reddit's stop drinking subreddit

From communities dedicated to photos of bread stapled to trees and images of unstirred paint to threads focused on sharing college admissions tips and fashion advice, Reddit truly is the “front page of the internet.” Reddit, colloquially known as the front page of the internet, is a website containing a massive collection of online forums, divided into millions of communities, known as “subreddits.”

Each of these subreddits is focused on a unique topic and gives individuals the opportunity to interact with others on shared ideas. For example, r/birdswitharms is a thread dedicated solely to photos of arms edited on birds and r/gardeningindoors is a forum for sharing images of your plants, as well as tips for, well, gardening indoors. In addition to its quirky communities, however, Reddit includes more serious threads, aiming to help individuals in all areas of life.

We’ve included below the top five subreddits for quitting bad habits, each of which can play a pivotal role in the journey to shifting one’s life.

1. r/getdisciplined

Aimed at promoting self-discipline through the testimonies and tips of others on the same journey, r/getdisciplined is a well-established thread in the Reddit community, boasting 947k members. What makes r/getdisciplined unique is the diversity of the goals and aspirations of its members. For some, it is a desire to get more organized and stop falling behind on work. For others, it is trying to start eating healthier and learning to rely on discipline as opposed to motivation. Although each member is on their own journey, there is a shared initiative, a shared desire to make a positive change in their life. Through this subreddit, you’ll find support, advice, and a listening ear throughout the journey towards quitting your bad habits, with all posts receiving countless comments and shares.

2. r/getmotivated

Similar to r/getdisciplined, r/getmotivated is a large, diverse forum made up of individuals working to make a change in their life. r/getmotivated is aimed at helping you finally get up and do what you’ve been putting off. Whether it be quitting drinking, focusing more on your work, or just facing your shit, this subreddit is full of pictures, videos, text, music, AMA’s, personal stories promoting motivation and inspiration. In addition to motivational media, r/getmotivated is the place for asking questions, giving advice, and participating in support groups, all key parts of quitting your bad habits.

3. r/habits

With a focus on building, breaking, and changing habits, r/habits is the perfect subreddit for anything related to habits. The thread is made up of testimonies, motivational posts, and advice all centered around your routines. In addition to the main r/habits page, there is a smaller r/habithelp which is for help requests and includes answers to your questions about making, breaking, or fixing existing habits. Be it pulling your hair, biting your nails, smoking, or anything in between, r/habits is the place to find others like yourself for support and guidance in the process of breaking bad habits and making stronger, positive ones.

4. r/selfimprovement

Pretty self explanatory from its name, r/selfimprovement is the go-to thread for improving yourself and your life. The subreddit is for those who want to improve in any aspect of their life, including shifting their habits into a more positive direction. From motivation and procrastination to improving fitness and social skills, the thread aims to provide its readers with helpful ideas, tips, and advice on how to make the shift. As with each of the threads on our list, r/selfimprovement is a community – an opportunity to meet others on the same path and build eachother up.

5. r/stopdrinking and r/stopsmoking

For the last thread on our list, we’ve actually included two communities, one focused on stopping drinking and the other for those who want to stop smoking. These two communities, just like the other threads on our list, consist of advice, suggestions, and support, but each is focused specifically on either drinking or smoking.

These threads are open to everyone and provide a welcoming and supportive community for those trying to change their habits and redirect their life. Whether you join all of them or just a few and whether you choose to just read or also contribute, these subreddit pages will help keep you accountable and on track as you break your bad habits.

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