5 Podcasts to Help You Quit Bad Habits

Woman Listening to podcast facing away from camera

Habits build success. Whether it’s success in the shape of achieving a healthy weight, quitting smoking, forming a productive schedule that works for you, or improving your mental health, habits are the powerhouse behind a positive shift. Oftentimes, however, creating these new habits can seem daunting, especially if they will completely shift your day-to-day life. Even more, while there are countless resources to help you break your bad habits and replace them with strong, positive ones, it can be challenging to know where to start. To support you, we have pulled together a list of our top five podcasts for habit making and breaking. These podcasts each feature unique speakers, advice, and routines, all of which are aimed at helping you improve.

1. The Habit Coach with Ashwind Doctor

The Habit Coach is the podcast for anyone struggling to stay on top of their tasks, finding themselves starting to make changes but not following through, or simply just looking to improve their life. In his podcast, Ashdin Doctor, “the habit coach,” takes listeners through the process of creating habits. By starting simple, with small changes, The Habit Coach argues that everyone can break their bad habits and make stronger, long-lasting ones. With a mix of episode lengths, from 7 to 45 minutes, and varying lengths in-between, the podcast can be easily incorporated into your day-to-day life.

2. Habits 2 Goals

In Habits 2 Goals, author Martin Grunburg brings life to his #1 bestseller, The Habit Factor. The book provides readers with step-by-step processes for developing “real-life, game-changing productivity, focus and momentum” from previously bad habits. In his podcast, Grunberg dives deeper into many of the concepts voiced in his book, highlighting important mindsets, strategies, and tactics for ensuring that habits stick. New episodes are released on Mondays and every week focuses on a different aspect of habit-making and breaking.

3. The 5AM Miracle Podcast

Having been ranked #1 on Apple Podcasts in the Self-Improvement and Business category, nominated for 6 podcast awards, and exceeded 10 million downloads, The 5AM Miracle Podcast is a well-established podcast, renowned for its approach to waking up your highest potential. When it comes to success, habits are, ultimately, the deciding factor. In his podcast, Jeff Sanders shares content regarding healthy habits, personal development and the productivity that comes with them, introducing advice and goals for those attempting to make a change in their life.

4. The Tim Ferriss Show

In his podcast, host Tim Ferriss brings various individuals to the table to discuss the tools, habits, and routines that led to their success. From Arnold Schwarzenegger talking about psychological warfare to Maria Sharapove discussing mental performance and work-life balance, to Tony Robbins shedding light on morning routines, peak performance, and mastering money, there is an episode for everyone. Ferries decontructs these world-class performers’ habits to provide listeners with effective morning routines, workouts, and time-management skills, all aimed at ingraining healthy habits into daily life.

5. Just One Thing

To finish off our five podcasts, we have Just One Thing from Michael Mosley. In his podcast, Mosley wants to help listeners improve their health and wellbeing through small habits and changes in their week. Whether it’s making it a habit to stand up every once in a while, to drink more water, to add plants to your home, or take hot baths, Just One Thing gives listeners just one simple change to make in each episode. The podcast is perfect for anyone who wants to make a shift in their habits and develop ones that will strengthen their wellbeing.

Although they each take a unique approach to habits, these podcasts all hold important information and offer support for individuals who want to quit their bad habits and make a change in their productivity, day-to-day routines, and overall wellbeing. With varied lengths and structures, there is a podcast for each of you, one that can easily be incorporated into your busy days.

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