Give something up.

Get something back.


RewardDays is a habit tracker with a difference. We provide exclusive deals for people who complete consecutive days without their bad habits.

Users can track their days off and we provide a road map of milestone rewards such as discount codes, vouchers, and more from recommended partners.

Each milestone provides a selection of UK-based partners designed to help you replace your bad habits with quality and healthy products.

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How it works

RewardDays is an Android and iOs app which allows user to track their completed days without bad habits, and then gives them something back for giving something up.

At various milestones users can claim vouchers from exclusive partners of UK products such as non-alcoholic beer, kombucha, tea, coffee as well as a variety of beauty and health products.

If you’re giving something specific up then the rewards are tailored to you, whether that’s drinking, smoking, caffeine or fast food, there will be something available to help you on your quitting journey.

All of the vouchers can be redeemed for up to 30 days, and are exclusively provided to the user. Sign up below for news and updates on the launch!

Our Partners

RewardDays matches you with exclusive partners to help you kick your bad habits. Some are specifically tailored to certain habits, such as drinking, smoking and fast food. Others are related to general demographics. One thing they all have in common is that they’re excellent replacements for your bad habits. You can see a selection of our partners on the below page.

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